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Girmindl's Ghost

A diary of Shaker High School's 2005-2006 basketball season, a retelling of Shaker's fabled 1979-1980 season, and general commentary on high school hoops, updated daily...

"I like sitting in the back row. I found that sitting against the wall is just easier on your back." -Dean Smith, on the comfort of the H-gym bleachers

On tap this week

On tap this week: Games, Essays, and More! Two games this week for the current Bison against two Class A suburban council foes - tomorrow night at home vs. Averill Park and Thursday night at Burnt Hills (rescheduled from 12/9/05) An outlook:

Averill Park (4-0, 2-0 Suburaban) is the only other team in the Suburban Council that has yet to lose a game, and the Warriors are ranked 11th in the state Class A poll (That's one class smaller than Shaker, which is in AA. See today's explanation post on the topic of classes below). They've posted convincing wins over two weaker teams - a solid victory over Bethlehem and a blasting of Ballston Spa - and they also won the Colonie Tournament, beating a sub-par Troy team pretty good and then winning a battle with Colonie on their home floor, which is their most impressive victory. Averill Park is led by a pair of guards - 6'1" senior Jordan Vickers and 6'3" junior Adam Haines - and 6'7" senior center Sean Macari. Vickers had hit 14 3's on the season and leads the team in scoring. Team scoring stats here. It's hard to say what to expect from an undefeated class A team that has posted the wins Averill Park has so far. I imagine they will be a good team, but ultimately they probably will have trouble hanging with the Bison.

Burnt Hills (2-3, 1-2 Suburban Council) is the defending Class A section champ, but they've lost a lot of their firepower from last year . They posted wins this year against Berkshire and Mohonason, and dropped games to Newburgh, Columbia, and Bethlehem. 6'3" senior guard Kevin Himmelwright is averaging 22.1 points/game, and is a threat both off the dribble and from behind the three point line, as is 6'0" junior guard Jacob McCrindle. The Spartans have a number of tall bodies - 4 playes on the roster stand 6'4"- but only senior Anthony Bevilacqua has produced significant offensive numbers from in the paint. This is a matchup that Shaker should have the best of but, as with almost all Suburban opponents this year, it's not one that can be looked past, especially on the road.

The following essays are on tap for this week in the 2005 section:

1) game recaps from the Averill Park and Burnth Hills
2) an interview essay with a few members of Shaker's "6th man"
3) a photo-essay that goes with my existing essay on H-gym the new gym.
4) a guide to NY's confusing system of sections, classes, and associations (today, below)
5) an interview essay with Brad Sheehan '06, which will appear Friday

In the 1979-80 segment this week, I'll have a game recap from the 12/21/1979 Nisky game, an reader-demanded recap of the 1978-79 season, and possibly a player interview, which is supposed to happen this week.

Check this out, from today's Times Union:
Think instant replay at the high school level is overkill? Those who witnessed Albany's 70-65 (or was it 71-65) victory over Bishop Maginn in a Big 10 boys' basketball game Saturday might not think so. A rare thing happened early in the first quarter: Scorekeepers for both teams credited Falcons forward Shimeek Johnson with making one of two free throws when -- according to two Albany assistants, a legion of fans, Johnson and one courtside reporter -- he actually made them both.

"I know I made them both. But I just put it behind me and kept my focus," said Johnson, who finished with 11 points.

Two Albany assistants alerted the referee after Johnson made the foul shots. But because both scorekeepers listed Johnson as missing the shot, the score stood. Fans who realized the error spent the next 10 minutes shouting out the correct score to no avail.

"I didn't realize (the error)," Albany coach Doug O'Brey said afterward. "But if that's the case it could have potentially been a factor. I'm just glad the kids didn't really notice, or it may have thrown off their game."

How many suspensions would have occured in the 6th man if this happened at Shaker? I shudder at the thought.

Here are the current Suburban Council Standings and the Shaker scoring stats:

Conference Overall
Blue Division
Saratoga Springs

Gold Division

White Division
Averill Park
Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake
Ballston Spa

Name FG FT FTA FT % 3-Pt Points

Sheehan, Brad 38254063%3110
Hooks, Brian 371258%734
McLoughlin, Griff 1191947%031
Hans, John 571164%326
Cross, Eddie 781173%022
Dare, Ryan 84757%020
Duclos, Tom 64757%119
Cross, Vernon 3030%06
Fallon, Pat 21250%05
Weinheimer, John 12540%04
Schaller, Steve 000--13
Kahnle, Thomas 11250%03
Bogdan, Matt 11250%03
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